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We are in the Textiles Katsav believe that these threads are made only for linking relationships between humans, so we have a permanent conviction that the best thing in our work is our Bhrvaúna and our partners. In a world such as ours, we see distances has been shortened and travel may facilitate Therefore, we believe it is returned from the blocker prevents us from cooperation and participation quest for the development of your resources through employment in industry products combine high quality that we were able to achieve thanks to our expertise accumulated through the ages, and the yield, which Ndmnha Thanks to our ability to control the cost and across the working methods we have developed from year to year. For all this, we invite you to contact us to converge our efforts and visions realized in our hands and our expertise ..

Our strengths

- Human potential intern combines long experience and mastering work and concern for the quality of the product, - manage modern keep all the variables in the market and in the means of production, - modern equipment with capacity of up to 200 square meters per day, covering all stages of production, - a partnership with Altschin In complementary work, - geographic location close to suppliers and the port in the heart of the city known fabric for centuries, turning fabric of the profession to the habit of habits people and their advantages and why their pride,
- financial strength allows us to lift significant challenges,
- network extensive relationships with all stakeholders in the sector and a great ability to choose the best and most cost-effective and feasible,


- The space allocated for the work: 3000 m ²
- warehouse space: 2500 m²
- equipment available:
- the techniques used: the fabric



TÉL:73 546 272
FAX: 73 546 969
E-MAIL: textiles.kassab@gnet.tn